Founded in 2015, Dalva is a handcrafted jewelry line created by designer Cassandra Ferland in her NYC studio. With a background in photography, printmaking and sculpture, Cassandra fell in love with the intimate scale of jewelry making, sculpting original designs in wax and casting them in a variety of metals. All pieces are hand-fabricated, using ethically sourced metals and stones. 

Dalva draws from the imperfect beauty of the natural world, ancient adornments and the vast traditions of the textile arts. Inspired by the mysteries contained within object with history, Dalva explores materials and textures to create a precious object for the wearer, who over time infuses the piece with their own story. The origin and energy behind the raw materials is an important element in each of the designs. 

The name Dalva is taken from a favorite female literary character who is at once feminine, strong spirited, and not afraid to forge her own path. While she cherishes the stories and history which created her, they do not define her. She is living a new story, one that she creates, moment by moment.