Exceptional jewelry not only highlights the unique personal style of the one who wears it, but becomes a precious object of intention as one refines who they are over a lifetime. Dalva is a creation of fine jewelry with this in mind, working to elevate everyday adornment for the modern woman. Edgy and understated meets ethereal, creating unique yet timeless pieces to be cherished for generations. 

Founded in 2017, all Dalva pieces are created by designer Cassandra Ferland in her NYC studio. With a background in photography, printmaking and sculpture, Cassandra fell in love with the intimate scale of jewelry making, especially the lost-wax casting method: sculpting original designs in wax and casting them in metal. She began studying under a variety of renowned jewelers in NYC in order to bring her designs to life, and over time, Dalva was born. As a designer, she is interested in unusual or unexpected shapes, stone combinations, and scale to push the boundaries of traditional jewelry. She is inspired by so many things, but especially: myths, and what they reflect about the human experience; the mysteries contained within objects of ancient history; the study of energy, inner life, and connection to spirit.

The origin and energy behind the raw materials is an important element of each design. All pieces are hand-fabricated and meticulously crafted in the Dalva NYC studio, using ethically sourced metals and stones.