Cassandra Ferland believes exceptional jewelry not only highlights the unique personal style of the one who wears it, but becomes a precious object of intention as they refine who they are over a lifetime. Dalva, her line of fine jewelry, is on a mission to elevate everyday adornment for the modern woman.

Her creations are where edgy and understated meet ethereal. These are the pieces you never want to take off. She thinks of her jewelry as talismans - helping you define how you want to show up in the world. In this way your growing jewelry collection becomes an altar to your highest self, and heirlooms in the making as you wear them over a lifetime.

As a designer, Cassandra is interested in unusual or unexpected shapes, scale, and stone combinations that push the boundaries of traditional jewelry. She is inspired by many things, especially myths and their reflections on the human experience; the mysteries contained within objects of ancient history; the study of energy, inner life and connection to spirit.

Each Dalva piece is meticulously handcrafted by Cassandra in her NYC studio. Her original designs are hand-sculpted in exacting detail in wax and then cast in metal. Ethical sourcing is very important to her, and so she has invested much time ensuring that her sources prop up a fair and clean economy. This means working with recycled and sustainable materials, especially those that provide jobs with living wages to the miners, gem faceters, and independent dealers that she has cultivated relationships with.  

Cassandra has a Fine Arts degree with a background in photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Over the years, she has studied under a variety of renowned jewelers in NYC, honing her skills in the art of adornment. Wanting to bring her own designs to life on a larger scale, Dalva was born in 2017.